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Our mission newwebpics002 Approximately one in seven hundred children throughout Europe are born with cleft lip and/or cleft lip and palate, yet it remains little understood.  The condition is completely treatable, and with the right medical care and social support, children born with clefts can go on to achieve the same as any other child. Yet access to good treatment varies enormously throughout Europe, meaning that many children born with clefts are never given the opportunity to realise their full potential. Children born with clefts deserve better and all European nations should recognise that they have an obligation to ensure these children have access to good quality care, with evidence-based treatment outcomes. Our Core beliefs are:
  1. equality of access to care
  2. multidisciplinary approach
  3. involvement of local health professionals
  4. user input in decisions around management of care
  5. promotion of family-to-family support
  6. support for collaborative research into the aetiology (i.e. causes) of clefts of the lip and palate and prevention thereof